painting activity in belize

Couples who paint together stay together

I love it when couples come paint together. I love it even more when they choose to paint a picture that combines into one painting. You really get to see people’s personalities when they are painting. You could tell he was more a paint inside the lines kinda guy and she was a go with the flow kinda girl. This couple was very fun. paint party in belizeThey joked about how their side was better than the others and about how her shark is going to eat his turtle but towards the end they decided to work together to make their paintings look unified. Which is exactly what working together as a team is all about. The best part is that every time they look at their art pieces they will remember their time in Belize. Art in BelizeI can tell this pair is a match made in heaven…or maybe they mentioned something about meeting at a speed dating event lol. either way their sense of humor and ability to work together will definately be a bonus in the game of life. Happy Painting everyone!

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